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Furry Bairns Natural Dog Treats

Pig Feet ‘pig trotters’ - Medium.

Pig Feet ‘pig trotters’ - Medium.

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Our quality cut, dehydrated Pig Feet are a high protein, long lasting treat, made with no artificial chemicals or preservatives. The high cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles and help with teeth cleaning, as well as being a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin!

Features and Benefits:

pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)   pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)   pig_feet_"pig_trotters"_(large_&_small_-_4pcs)

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