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Furry Bairns Natural Dog Treats

Yak Bars "Yakers"

Yak Bars "Yakers"

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Our Yak Bars, also known as Yakers, were originally made for human consumption and are still widely eaten by people and their dogs who live in the Himalayan region.

They make for a high protein, high calcium and long-lasting treat, with a unique taste and smell. Dogs find this natural chew irresistible and are sure to enjoy the hours of entertainment it provides!

Features and Benefits - Grain-Free, Chicken-Free, Hypoallergenic, Long-Lasting, High Protein, Low Fat, Dental Hygiene


and remember when your furry bairn gets to the end and they only have a little left. You can put it into the microwave and turn it into a big cheesy puff. Which will be yummy and chewy

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