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Furry Bairns Natural Dog Treats

Cow Leg

Cow Leg

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Calling all super chewers for Anco's largest chew! Whether a treat is long lasting or not is usually always very subjective, however with this whopper of a treat we are confident in saying this will last a long while with any dog! They are a great dental aid, chewing not only helps to keep teeth clean, it always keeps jaws strong and can be great for combatting boredom and relive stresses/anxieties as chewing releases endorphins in dogs - feelings of happiness. Anco Giant Cow legs have such a high natural protein content and ultra low fat - <4%! So you can sit back and relax while your dog chews and chews away, knowing they're tucking in to a super healthy treat.


If you are purchasing these to be shipped there will be an additional £5 added to your standard postage as they are so heavy! 

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